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What to Expect

At STAT! Ride, we believe it's essential for you to have clear expectations for the car service you decide to hire. Here are some standards you can anticipate from STAT! Ride, which we recommend you demand from any car service you utilize.

What to Expect from STAT ! Ride

Your Ride

  • Doors Opened

  • Bottled Water Offered

  • You Control the Temp

  • An Umbrella (because sometimes it rains)

  • Tissues

  • A Mask if you desire.

  • Multi-plug Charger Ports

    • C Cable​

    • Micro Cable

    • Lighting Cable

  • You set the tone.

    • Pleasent Conversation

    • Interesting Conversation

    • Sweet Silence

    • Your flavor of music

  • Loading and unloading luggage and packages

  • Live Agents and Dispatchers

  • Rapid call returns and message responses

  • Agents that do not rush through because of time restraints.

  • Agents that will make suggestions and do research for you.

  • Most direct and safest routes mapped and planned.

Our Team

  • Pass Background Checks​

  • Have Clean Driving Records (Drivers)

  • Have valid driver's licenses.

  • Pass drug tests before hire.

  • Are subject to random drug and alcohol screenings.

  • Hold State approved Drive Safe Certifications.  (Drivers)

  • Follow strict company dress codes.

  • NLP Trained Team

  • Positive Attitudes and dispositions.

Our Fleet

  • Valid State Registrations​

  • Valid State Inspections

  • Valid DOT Compliance

  • Insured

  • Weekly Safety Inspection

  • Clean

  • Sanitized after every trip.

  • Litter Free

  • Smoke Free

  • Strict Maintenace Schedules

  • Washed, vacuumed, and detailed daily.

  • Routine Safety Inspections

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