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GPS Pin Drop Rescue

In today’s world, where adventure knows no bounds, GPS pin drop technology has become a lifeline for the daring at heart. For hikers traversing the untamed trails, bikers conquering rugged terrains, and boaters navigating the vast blue, a simple pin drop can mean the difference between being lost and being found. Floaters sitting on the banks of serene waters and travelers stranded can rest assured that help and transportation are just a pin drop away. Even those who have indulged a bit too much and find themselves unsure of their whereabouts can rely on this technology to get them a safe ride home. With the precision of GPS, our drivers will rush to the rescue with a safe ride and a bottle of water.  So go ahead, explore with confidence—GPS pin drop locating and STAT Ride has got your back

  • Hikers

  • Bikers

  • Boaters

  • Floaters

  • Stranded Travelers

  • To drunk to know where you are

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