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Buyer Beware - Rideshare

In the State of Georgia, all for-hire passenger transportation is regulated by the Georgia Department of Public Safety (GA DPS). This includes rideshare, limousine, taxi, bus, and car services.

These services are governed by a set of regulations intended to protect you, the consumer. So, it is VERY IMPORTANT, that you make sure that the driver or company you hire for your transport needs is compliant with the State and local regulatory standards.

In the State of Georgia, some of these regulations include:

  • driver background check

  • routine vehicle inspection

  • display of a passenger carry medallion (logo requirements)

  • strict insurance requirements

  • and special licensure for NEMT services

At STAT Ride we take your safety seriously. We are registered with the State of Georgia as a For-Hire Passenger Carrier Company and our drivers work under our licensure and comply to all State requirements. But please do not take our word for it, call and confirm:

Please contact the Georgia Department of Public Safety/Regulatory Compliance Section to verify that the carriers are legal with our department.
For Passenger Carrier: call 404-624-7244


look it up online:

Click on the blue link on the right: Passenger Carriers List

It is illegal to operate a For-Hire Passenger Transportation Company in Georgia without the authority issued by the State DPS.

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