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More Than One Million People a Year Are Arrested for DUIs

Updated: Apr 24

So many people call to arrange designated driver rides and when they hear the cost, they walk away. So let me tell you a story. One Friday night a woman called, and she got a quote for 2 people round-trip for dinner. I took this call. The quote was 12 miles one way. $115.00 plus tip. Sounds like a lot? It did to her. They took their rental car out to dinner and turned down our service. Three hours later the woman called back needing a ride back to their cabin. Her husband of 18 years had been stopped and arrested for DUI after having only 1 drink at dinner. Their rental was towed and impounded because she had also had one drink and blew hot.

I stayed on the phone with her for several hours keeping her calm and focused. She paid for a ride to her cabin, a ride to the jail to bail her husband out, and a ride to the impound lot to get the car which they would not let her have because they contacted the rental company. By mid-day the next day she had paid a $2,000 cash bond, a $200 tow fee, another $300 for rideshare and wait times... Then the real cost crept in. $5,000 for an attorney, $1,000. in fines, a suspension of his driving privileges, probation, the costs of classes, and increased insurance premiums for up to 7 years. She estimated that it will cost them close to $20,000, if not more, by the time it is all said and done.

Don't be one of the statistics, use a Designated Driver Service. Think before you drink.

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